Banks that give away cash by direct debit of the payroll


The banking keeps on this start of the year the gift of cash for the direct debit of the payroll as a claim to increase the number of customers. So while they resist remunerate deposits, despite the rise in interest rates and its consequent contagion in the Euribor, have opted for this strategy. The benefit for the bank is double. On the one hand, they increase customer acquisition, but on the other hand, they ensure regular income. However, before opting for this initiative, the client must take into account whether they meet the requirements to access the promotion, whether the account applies commissions and what is the period of permanence required.

with everything, you are offers have an expiration date (which runs from the end of January to the first quarter of the year, with the exception of Unicaja’s offer) so it could be an indicator that banks are waiting for new moves by their rivals to maintain or change their strategy.

Among the entities that have invested most strongly in this way, it stands out Abanca. The bank awards 300 euros to those clients who direct deposit a salary of at least 1,200 euros. For lower amounts, but between 800 and 1,199 euros, the prize is 150 euros. In any case, it is a gross amount, that is, the entity will retain 19% of this amount. In addition to regular income, the client will have to use online banking, without doing any branch operations and respecting a 24-month stay period.

cajamar He also gives away cash, but cuts this amount down to 200 euros. To access this promotion it is it is necessary to domicile a salary of 1,200 euros per month and remain in the bank for 36 months. To avoid charging commissions, you will also have to have an average balance of 1,000 euros and the client will be able to access a remunerated account if they have a card, an investment product and digital banking.

The listed bank also rewards with cash

The listed banking is no stranger to this commercial policyalthough in these entities the total amount of the gift is less. Sabadell Bank It is, for the moment, the bank that rewards the most within the big banks. Total, 175 euros, net, since it is the entity that is responsible for paying the taxes. To access this amount it is necessary to direct deposit a salary, be a new customer and contract the ‘Online Account’ through digital channels.

Unicajawhich has just been released on the Ibex, also reward with 150 euros net to those who register as clients and domicile a salary of at least 600 euros, and remain in the entity for a minimum of 24 months. To do this they must have an ‘online’ account, which will give access to an account without commissions or administration or maintenance. The offer will be valid until June.

Banco Santander and BBVA award 150 euros gross (121.5 euros net) to new customers who deposit a salary in their online accounts, which in the case of Banco Santander is 600 euros, while it rises to 800 euros for the second bank. In both cases, the permanence period is 12 months and they do not charge commissions or expenses or account administration. Close the Openbank circle. The digital subsidiary of the bank chaired by Ana Botín also gives away 150 gross euros to customers with a salary of 1,000 euros (600 euros for the youngest).

Bankinter stands out

bankinter It would be the entity that would distance itself from this strategy. And it is that Bankinter keeps its offer to capture payrolls unchanged through which it offers a return of 5% the first year and 2% the second year for a maximum amount to be remunerated of 5,000 euros. In return, the minimum amount of the payroll is 800 euros after having reduced it during the pandemic and the period of permanence would be two years. This would guarantee gross profits of 340 euros, to which the corresponding tax withholding would have to be applied.

In the case of not playing with the power of a payroll, Openbank awards 40 euros to those who increase their account balance between 10,000 and 19,999 euros, while the cash gift rises to 60 euros if this increase exceeds 20,000 euro. For his part, Norwegian Bank has chosen to encourage the use of its cards. Thus, it gives 30 euros on a card, at a rate of 15 euros in the case of activating it and another 15 when the first operation is carried out.

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