Bankruptcy proceedings rise by 46.3% and add seven years to the rise


Bankruptcy proceedings grew by 46.3% in 2022 to reach 27,632 procedures. With this they manage to add seven consecutive years on the riseaccording to the provisional data that have been released this Friday by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

In a statement, the CGPJ explains that it is about estimates and not definitive dataas a result of the strike by lawyers from the administration of Justice, which has prevented figures from at least ten courts from being obtained and errors from twenty other bodies belonging to the judiciary being reviewed.

The Spanish bankruptcies that increased the most in 2022 were those of non-entrepreneur natural persons, 54.3%, of those who applied reached 15,442; those of natural persons entrepreneurs increased by 46.3%, reaching 5,137, and those of legal entities, 31.2%, reaching 7,053.

How did it affect the Autonomous Communities?

The autonomous community with the highest number of business bankruptcies presented in 2022 was Catalonia, with 7,976, followed by the Community of Madrid, reaching 4,582; Andalusia, reached 3,554, and finally, the Valencian Community, managed to achieve 3,270.

Madrid was where more company bankruptcies were registered before the Mercantile Courts, with 1,782 (25.3% of the national total), followed by Catalonia, with 1,587, and by the Valencian Community, with 1,024; Throughout Spain, bankruptcies for companies grew by 31.2% in the interannual rate.

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