Ayuso does not see Villacís on the PP lists: “The best of Ciudadanos has already come with me”



The vice president of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, closes the door: “From the regional office, we do not consider this incorporation”

Isabel Daz Ayuso, on Friday, at an act of the European Popular Party in Lisbon.CAM
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  • politics Begoa Villacs met with Bendodo last week to talk about his possible jump to the PP

He has not closed the door completely, but he has made it clear that he does not open it wide, precisely. Isabel Díaz Ayuso wanted to reduce the sufl of the possible signing of Begoa Villacs by the PP, ensuring that it was not an incorporation of bells. “The best of Ciudadanos already came with me in the last elections, and now if they have conversations at the national level I have nothing to say there,” she said, at her entrance to the National Executive Committee of the PP.

He was referring to the information advanced exclusively by THE WORLD about the meeting of the general coordinator of the PP, Elas Bendodo, and the deputy mayor of Madrid. Both met on Monday afternoon in a cafeteria near the national headquarters of the popular. In said meeting, Bendodo told Villacs that, although Gnova wanted to incorporate her, he had to talk to the PP in Madrid, which would have the last word.

Well, Villacs has not called José Luis Martínez-Almeida or, above all, Ayuso, who chairs the regional apparatus of the popular. “The center-right union in Madrid has been underway for many years,” she wanted to clarify.

Does Ayuso close the door to Villacs definitively? “The conversations that have taken place I fully respect but they escape me, I don’t know them,” Ayuso insisted, again referring to the information in this newspaper. “I cannot comment on the decisions that the party makes at the national level and the incorporations that it makes,” he added, insinuating that Villacs would go to the national PP and not to Madrid. Questioned about it, she has stood up: “I have nothing to say.”

Later, sources from the PP in Madrid have assured that Ayuso has to elect 2,500 positions for the municipal and regional elections, and that among them there could be members of Cs, but that each case would have to be seen and that, ultimately, the interested parties They will have to talk to her. “If it depends on her…”, they have left in the air.

Continuing in the line of the president, her number two and political battering ram, Enrique Ossorio, has also closed the door exhaustively to the deputy mayor in the PP of Madrid. “From the regional party we do not consider this incorporation, honestly,” the regional vice president has settled, adding that these meetings are “at the national level.” “I imagine that they are talking about an incorporation at the national level, but we have not foreseen it”, he concluded.

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