Ayuso announces that he will reduce personal income tax in the Community of Madrid by half a point more


The president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-electionIsabel Diaz Ayuso, has taken another step in his particular ‘fiscal war’ with Sánchez. This Monday he has announced that he will include in his electoral program a new half point drop in all sections of personal income tax in the region and defended his previous tax cuts, in which he wants to “go further”. Specifically, he has defended that the citizens of Madrid will notice the previous tax cuts in the region, for which he has already estimated a saving of 23 million euros for the people of Madrid.

Ayuso has put this proposal on the table during an informative breakfast, which was also attended by the national leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo; the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and other leaders of the regional Executive and the PP of Madrid.

334 million extra savings

The Madrid president explained that it is “a drop that will mean an extra saving for the people of Madrid of 334 million. Since I am president of the Community of Madrid, citizens have saved more than 23,000 million, which means 6,700 euros per taxpayer”.

The president has also recalled that tomorrow, Tuesday, the income campaign will start and has asserted that the citizens of Madrid will notice the previous tax reductions in the region.

Kick off for the pre-campaign

Ayuso has also pointed out that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will try to combat the reality of “Spain with desire and that does not shout” but has warned those who they have led the country “to disaster” that those who “govern are not going to remain silent”.

Díaz Ayuso’s intervention gives the starting signal to the pre-campaign, just over a month and a half before the polls open. The Madrid president He has not spared criticism of the current Moncloa tenant. “Sánchez governs one Spain against another, which is exactly the opposite of the spirit of the Transition, with votes that were never given to him to change the constitutional system through the back door,” he pointed out.

For Ayuso, the President of the Government draws on the checkbook and assures that “Spain It is not to survive on the basis of alms of the government but to fix the mess that has turned a country that can’t take it anymore” and has predicted that, in the next regional and municipal elections, “there will be 8,000 motions of censure” because “Sánchez has gone too far”.

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