Atltico – Real Madrid | Derbi: Madrid has a very serious problem with the beginning of the match

TOthe fourth game that Real Madrid started losing, defeat came of the men of Ancelotti. After three comebacks, On this occasion it couldn’t be. The white team had a latent problem that they had hidden with the comebacks, but in the derby it took its toll in the form of defeat. Until now he had remained an anecdote, but he is now officially a serious problem because it cost him his first misstep of the season. He Madrid is not managing well the beginning match and yesterday Atlético I poked at the wound.

Real Madrid has played seven games so far this season and in four of them have started losing. In Almera had to come back after conceding 1-0 in the third minute. Before him Getafe and the Real societyboth in the Bernabumore of the same: the two teams went ahead at the first opportunity and forced the team to row. Ancelotti.

More of the same

He derby It was the clearest example of the chaotic beginnings of the game that the Real Madrid. In 18 minutes the white team had already fit two goals. The team was a repeat offender and this time there was no comeback. It is true that he Madrid They were unstoppable in their results, but also that several of them had come out suffering greatly, penalized by a bad start that forced them to end the game. The disconnection of the initial whistle is a pending account that Ancelotti and their players must solve it if they do not want a repeat of the Metropolitano.

But Madrid it has another problem which also affects your defensive aspect. And without his starting full-backs he has a quite important hole in that position and that Ancelotti has already made it clear that it exists with the changes. On one side, Fran Garcia This is the second time he has gone to the bench earlier than he should. The former Rayo Vallecano player is singled out and in the spotlight. The same as a Lucas Vázquez who also suffered greatly in the derby and ended up being replaced very soon. He Madrid He bled from his sides and there he must intervene Ancelotti to look for solutions when you don’t have Mendy and Carvajal.

Ancelotti, worried

Ancelotti showed his concern due to the collection of games that they have started losing and due to the lack of defensive forcefulness. “It has happened that we haven’t started well the game and we haven’t defended well. We have been fragile in our area and we have not been forceful. Atlético has done better than us,” he noted.

Ancelotti criticizes himself: “Defensively we have not been good”

“Start losing again? It is a topic that we have talked about and we will continue to talk about it because it is an important topic.. The game ended 3-1, it was too much to try to recover from. It hasn’t been a good night defensively, we haven’t defended as well as usual. We have not been compact and they have taken advantage of it. “The three goals were a photocopy.”

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