Atlético de Madrid: Simeone: “Is something going to change? It won’t, the subconscious plays a game and we have to accept what we have”


habl Simeone and the statement of Gil Marn against the arbitration of Soto Grado and what Madrid means focused attention. The Argentine is clear that nothing is going to change because of the words of the top rojiblanco leader.

Everything is going very fast. How is it transmitted to raise the spirits of the club? Well, as I have always behaved. We do it as a way of life. When one gives everything like the other day, it is played as we worked, you stay in peace. You did what you had to do. It is the way of understanding life. I am at peace and with the tranquility of doing a great job. Due to circumstances it was not possible to win and congratulate the rival. Now it’s game by game against a rival who comes excited. With a very regular coach, always competitive, always complex, with positive energy. Rotate as always because they have guys committed to the next idea and continue in the current line.

Simeone’s full press conference

Gil Marn statement. If you agree and if the arbitration favors Madrid? Since I have been here I have never read statements like those of Miguel Ángel. We have never looked for excuses, we have sought to help from the part that touches us. And talk about VAR and the things that help the game. Faced with a clear situation, he expressed what he thought with total naturalness. What others don’t say.

What has to change from here on out? It’s not going to change. The subconscious plays and we have to accept what we have. Compete to keep improving.

Did you bite your tongue after the game? There are very clear things. It seems that we are looking for excuses, which is not the case after playing a good game. Circumstances existed, no one cares. Madrid is inside and we are outside. The club has transmitted what we all saw.

The future and if you are clear if you are going to continue in Atlético. My contract depends a lot on how we end the season. Every season finale we get together to see how we continue. This year will not be the exception.

How is the team after extra time? Tired, but ready to compete well at 4:15 p.m. tomorrow

Is your intention to continue right now? It is more complex than what you propose. They will find out when the season ends what will happen

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