Atlético de Madrid: Joao Flix shoots at everything


“I would love to stay at Chelsea”, slip joao flix months ago, showing his desire publicly and without ambiguity, when his assignment was still effective in Stamford Bridgenot to return to athletica club with which he has a contract in force until 2027.

“My dream is to play for Bara, I would love to join them”, he stated this week, awakening the discomfort of the fans and the club in what seems evident a desperate exit to his complex situation with the rojiblancos.

Between one statement and another, the footballer’s request came to jorge mendes to find him accommodation in a psg in full reconstruction after the departure of Messi. The famous agent ran into the refusal of the French, who have Bernardo Silva as actual target.

Joao Flix ‘pays’ for his situation with Andrea Berta

untenable situation

Three clear demonstrations that Joao Flix goes with everything. That their untenable situation in the Metropolitan he needs an urgent exit to continue his career in an entity that gives him the place that both the former 7 and his entourage consider they deserve.

Precisely the issue of the dorsal has ended by explode a situation that we have been counting for months that was going to become unsustainable. The first week after his return, he already showed scenes of tension with Andrea Bertha and in some session and the second he ended up jumping into the air with his words about the Bara.

Some statements that, beyond the desperation of seeking a solution, made them feel like a bomb in an entity that quickly came to the fore speaking of lack of respect and professionalism on the part of the footballer to the entity that continues to pay him.

Culture broth, in addition, for tighten the stage even more and so that the closeness of the tour increases the problem. Nobody wants him to get on the plane to Seoul but managing the times has become a problem.

‘Message from Joao Flix to Simeone?: “I like having the ball and playing happily”

Aston Villa only

The problem with desperately launching into the market like this is that it runs up against reality. And this happens because none of the European colossi has a real interest in a player who is tarnished with playing for a club Champions… when still no one has knocked on your door.

Counted is exclusively days ago, just the astonville came up to ask about him in a clear sign that the market is not being kind to a player who bet big with his assignment to the Chelsea to revalue itself and ended with the opposite effect.

What determines the market

All of this, as if that were not enough, decisively conditions the red and white market. The financial muscle to go to sign will be very different if Joao leaves, especially transferred, than if the situation entrenches for more weeks. Hence the importance of solving it soon while the Portuguese shoots at everything.

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