Atlético de Madrid: Griezmann, from ‘discard’… to star


“Griezmann He is an extraordinary player, although many, many thought otherwise“, said Simeone on the lawn of the Tartiere. And it is that last summer was the most complicated in the life of Antoine Griezmann. His previous irregular season aroused doubts in the noble floor of the Metropolitan. There were voices that did not see clearly his continuity in Atltico and that they considered that his return to the entity had been a mistake.

There was talk in the offices of trying return to the Bara, but the Catalans did not want the return due to their high payroll, another of the problems that came to think of Atleti in even counting on him. A scenario that the player never contemplated… nor did Simeone.

Support from Simeone… and genius in the offices

And it is that El Cholo was always the great supporter of the return and continuity of Griezmann. Nobody bet more for his return and nobody did more for his continuity. Hence, he accepted the surreal panorama drawn when the impossibility of counting from the start in games with the Frenchman was pointed out to him.

In the end, that purchase obligation of 40 million that Atlético did not want to pay at any time. A price that they understood to be out of the market and that they managed to cut in half. Undoubtedly a genius in the negotiation of Gil Marin and Bertha taking into account the current value of the player who came to fear even for his outstanding role with France in the World Cup.

He has already won back the fans

company a great World Cup of which the red and white fans felt more than proud. You only have to remember the brutal ovation that he received on the day of Elche while the Argentines, with Paul’s like reveille, they took more dicks than applause. The World Cup of affection, that yes, was won by the French ahead of the champion players.

Against Oviedo, the affection of the fans was once again shown when the players came to thank the displaced for their trip. griezmann jumped and sang knowing that he has already been truly forgiven by a hobby that received him in the face but that now considers him one of them again.

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He was convinced of his great year

Despite how difficult the summer was, Antoine was sure that this would be his year. He had completed the preseason, it looked physically well and he knew that his talent would do the rest. Hence his confidence when it comes to isolating himself from everything and focusing on playing football, forgetting all the obstacles in the way.

When we are already in 2023 the numbers prove him right. Six goals and nine assists make him the most important player on the team. No one scores or passes more than a huge player who left a dream pass in Llorente’s goal. Also, the usual deployment and ability of him to manage the game at his whim.

Now he has taken the role of Joao Flix

In fact, nobody doubts that he is the current great star of the team. She has gone from being discarded (remember Cholo’s opening phrase) to an authentic benchmark for the team. A role that should be destined for a Joao Flix that dwarfs at the same time that he sees how Antoine lives up to his great talent.

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