Atlético de Madrid: Atlético’s dressing room, tired of Joao Flix

In the same way that in the offices of the Cvitas Metropolitano they have not liked at all the words of joao flix in which he declared himself a lifelong Barcelona fan and that it would be a dream come true to play at the Camp Nou, in the Atlético dressing room what is considered to be considered has not gone down well either. the last output of pata de banco del portuguesealthough it is not surprising at all given the attitude with which he has been behaving since he joined the discipline of the team in Los Ángeles de San Rafael.

Yes Lino, and during the ‘stage’ Lodithey were hardly the only ones in which he took refuge and with whom Joao maintained a normal relationship, the last days had not been an exception either. Hence, the gym session this morning, in which the squad worked out in two groups, ended up once again showing the lack of interest in integrating into the locker room. Framed in the first turn, The Portuguese entered the showers first, a few minutes before the rest of the group.

Nothing new, since Joao’s grim gesture has been the tonic since he returned, forced by the lack of clubs that would satisfy his desire to play in the Champions League, against Atlético. In fact, has not had any problem in making him see Andrea Bertabefore everyone’s eyes, his dissatisfaction at completing the preseason dressed in rojiblanco or throwing the bib to the ground in a bad mood when Simeone gave other teammates the turn in a matchgestures that have not gone unnoticed by the dressing room.

His attitude is not surprising

Quite the contrary, well in the booth they are understood as lack of respect that does not help at all to generate a good atmosphere, contrary to what happens with other players even if they are on the exit ramp. Hence, Joao’s latest anger does not surprise many either.

In fact, since the team returned to Madrid to train after a week in Los Angeles de San Rafaelthe footballer has been supported in training by his father (annoyed with the Press to understand that, like the club, the coach and everything that surrounds Atlético, they mistreat his son) and members of his entourage, as could be verified in the session yesterday Tuesday morning open to the media. Already in the afternoon, the Portuguese decided to confess to Fabrizio Romano his desire to play for Barcelona. Another twist in the case of the Portuguese player, which increasingly complicates his continuity in the rojiblanca entity.

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