Asufin warns that some supermarkets round up prices after lowering VAT


The Financial Users Associations (Asufin) has affirmed this Wednesday that the reduction of the Value Added Tax (VAT) will mean an average saving of 10% for consumers who fill their baskets with basic products in supermarkets. In monetary terms, the decrease would mean a total of 3.56 euros reflected in the purchase ticket.

Asufin -according to Europa Press- has analyzed the new prices of five of the supermarket chains with more territorial implementation to verify the impact of the Government measure, in force since January 1. In this way, the price of the main food chains has been considerably reduced in large companies.

In Mercadona, the purchase made on December 29, 2022 amounted to 33.69 euros and four days later, on the first business day of 2023, it dropped to 31.09 euros, 2.6 euros less. In the case of The English Court, the reduction is 5.52 euros, from 35.49 euros in 2022 to 29.98 euros in 2023; while Carrefour applies a drop of 2.14 euros, from 33.87 euros to 31.73 euros. The discount on the purchase To field adds 4.24 euros, from 30.32 euros to 26.08 euros, and the string DAY yields a discount of 3.32 euros, from 35 euros to 31.68 euros.

usual promotions

However, Asufin has detected that promotions have been applied to many of these products, as is usual in the food sector after the key dates of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to stimulate consumption in the face of falling sales. In addition, he has indicated that, in the particular case of Carrefour, they have maintained the higher price tags and the discounted price tags, in other cases, the chains round up in their favor and do not reach the “adequate” percentage.

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