Algeria manages to become the main gas supplier to Spain again in April


The North African country, Algeria, has once again been crowned as the first natural gas exporter the Spanish kingdom surpassing the United States and, with the merit, that Russian imports registered a strong increase. Likewise, it manages to register during the first four months of the year a total of 34,190 gigawatt hours (GWh), according to data from the latest Enagás statistical bulletin.

In detail, Algeria supplied Spain with 29,312 GWh between January and April thanks to the use of gas pipelines, while another 4,878 GWh arrived in the country in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by ship, thus covering 24.2% of the total demand. In this regard, the United States stands as the second largest exporter of natural gas to Spain, with 34,041 GWh up to April, 24.1% of the total.

On the other hand, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has been advising to separate Russia from the gas supply to Spain. However, she stands as the third main supplier of natural gas so far this year, with a total of 23,810 GWh, 16.8% of the total demand ahead of another African country, Nigeriawhich points to 20,485 GWh (14.5%).

Spain does without Russian gas

Faced with the previous scenario, if we look at the case of Russia, despite the consequences that the war with Ukrainethe arrival in Spain of natural gas from this country continued to increase this month, with 6,513 GWh, practically doubling the figure of last year.

In recent months, the Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has appealed to Spanish energy companies to diversify sources of LNG supply and dispense with that from Russia. Ribera came to transfer this suggestion in a letter sent to the energy companies and main Spanish natural gas marketers.

Record export by gas pipeline to France

On the other hand, Spain reached a historical record in the export of natural gas by pipeline to France in April, with a 26.7% increase compared to the same month last year. Thus, through its two interconnections, Irún in the Basque Country and Larrau by Navarrea flow of 6.52 terawatt hours (TWh) was registered last month.

Demand falls 11.9% in April

As regards the national demand of natural gas, there has been a fall of 11.9% in the month of April, to 23,728 GWh, and in the first four months of the year the decrease amounts to 16.1% compared to the same period of 2022. In April, highlighted the drop in conventional demand, with a decrease of 13.5%while the needs of the electricity sector fell by 6.7%.

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