Happy Lunar New Year | Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Tomorrow, Lunar New Year, marks the start of the Year of the Wood Dragon. This holiday, honored by many cultures, signifies the renewal of hopes, dreams and the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The Lunar New Year is a time to celebrate the coming of Spring and the start of a new year. It is a time when families and communities come together to honor their traditions and heritage, fostering a sense of unity and shared cultural richness.

Last year, Governor Kathy Hochul signed historic legislation making Lunar New Year an official school holiday in New York, underscoring her commitment to supporting New York’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. We encourage everyone to join with our colleagues and partners who identify with Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese heritage to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

My best wishes for a happy Lunar New Year to our entire OPWDD community. As we all look forward to the possibility of a fresh start, I wish you prosperity and good fortune and a new year filled with togetherness and warmth as you celebrate with friends and family.

Kerri E. Neifeld

First appeared on opwdd.ny.gov

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